4. Prepare the source directories

Before compiling the TimeSys Linux kernel, you need to set up the source directories so that the kernel knows about all the drivers and things on your system. To do so, issue the following commands:

        # cd /usr/src
        # mv linux linux.old   # Only if the linux directory already exists
        # mv linux-2.4 linux-2.4.old
        # ln -s /opt/timesys/linux/4.1/x86bsp/src/2.4.21-timesys-4.1/kernel linux
        # ln -s /opt/timesys/linux/4.1/x86bsp/src/2.4.21-timesys-4.1/kernel linux-2.4

Note that in the above commands, you may need to change x86bsp and the version numbers as needed for the TimeSys Linux package that you downloaded.

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