5. Configure the kernel

You are now ready to compile the TimeSys Linux kernel. Begin by executing these commands:

        # cd linux
        # make menuconfig

Note that you cannot skip the above step and edit the .config file yourself. Running the configuration utility and saving your changes generates files that are necessary for compiling the kernel.

If you had performed a clean install of Red Hat Linux 9, then most likely you don't need to change any of the configuration options that appear. However, if you have any strange hardware or just want to perform a "sanity check", you should walk through the menus and enable whatever drivers and options you need. For instance, you may need to add Ethernet drivers for whatever network card you have. If you are installing to a laptop, don't forget to enable General Setup --> PCMCIA/CardBus Support before going to the Network device support page so that you can see the PCMCIA Ethernet drivers. If you have a USB keyboard or mouse, be sure USB devices are enabled. You should also make sure that Block Devices --> Loopback device support is enabled. And it wouldn't hurt to check other likely prerequisites, such as Networking options --> IP: DHCP support.

When you are satisfied with the configuration, exit and save.

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