B.6. Changes during the lk 2.4 series

Even though the lk 2.4 production series is meant to be "stable" there have been a significant number of changes as well as bug fixes. The following list does not include changes to the lower level (adapter) drivers. Each item of the list is prefixed by the kernel version that it was introduced. [1]



This list has been compiled from the official 2.4 series kernels released at www.kernel.org. Distributions are free to tailor the official kernels and this may impact what is supported (or changed) in the SCSI subsystem. For example this machine reports this kernel: "2.4.18-27.8.0". So that is roughly based on the official 2.4.18 kernel which the vendor has "modded" 27 times for the "8.0" level of their distribution. As an example of the type of changes, the aic7xxx driver in the official 2.4.18 does not support Adaptec's Ultra 320 series of PCI adapters; however that vendor's version does.

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