XLV. Hyperwave API Functions


Hyperwave has been developed at IICM in Graz. It started with the name Hyper-G and changed to Hyperwave when it was commercialised (in 1996).

Hyperwave is not free software. The current version, 5.5, is available at http://www.hyperwave.com/. A time limited version can be ordered for free (30 days).

See also the Hyperwave module.

Hyperwave is an information system similar to a database (HIS, Hyperwave Information Server). Its focus is the storage and management of documents. A document can be any possible piece of data that may as well be stored in file. Each document is accompanied by its object record. The object record contains meta data for the document. The meta data is a list of attributes which can be extended by the user. Certain attributes are always set by the Hyperwave server, other may be modified by the user.


Since 2001 there is a Hyperwave SDK available. It supports Java, JavaScript and C++. This PHP Extension is based on the C++ interface. In order to activate the hwapi support in PHP you will have to install the Hyperwave SDK first.


After installing the Hyperwave SDK, configure PHP with --with-hwapi[=DIR].

Integration with Apache

The integration with Apache and possible other servers is already described in the Hyperwave module which has been the first extension to connect a Hyperwave Server.

Configurazione di Runtime

Il comportamento di queste funzioni รจ influenzato dalle impostazioni di php.ini.

Tabella 1. Hyperwave API configuration options

For further details and definitions of the PHP_INI_* constants, see the Appendice H.

Tipi di risorse

Questa estensione non definisce alcun tipo di risorsa.

Costanti predefinite

Questa estensione non definisce alcuna costante.


The API provided by the HW_API extension is fully object oriented. It is very similar to the C++ interface of the Hyperwave SDK. It consist of the following classes.

  • HW_API

  • HW_API_Object

  • HW_API_Attribute

  • HW_API_Error

  • HW_API_Content

  • HW_API_Reason

Some basic classes like HW_API_String, HW_API_String_Array, etc., which exist in the Hyperwave SDK have not been implemented since PHP has powerful replacements for them.

Each class has certain method, whose names are identical to its counterparts in the Hyperwave SDK. Passing arguments to this function differs from all the other PHP extensions but is close to the C++ API of the HW SDK. Instead of passing several parameters they are all put into an associated array and passed as one parameter. The names of the keys are identical to those documented in the HW SDK. The common parameters are listed below. If other parameters are required they will be documented if needed.

  • objectIdentifier The name or id of an object, e.g. "rootcollection", "0x873A8768 0x00000002".

  • parentIdentifier The name or id of an object which is considered to be a parent.

  • object An instance of class HW_API_Object.

  • parameters An instance of class HW_API_Object.

  • version The version of an object.

  • mode An integer value determine the way an operation is executed.

  • attributeSelector Any array of strings, each containing a name of an attribute. This is used if you retrieve the object record and want to include certain attributes.

  • objectQuery A query to select certain object out of a list of objects. This is used to reduce the number of objects which was delivered by a function like hw_api->children() or hw_api->find().

Nota: Methods returning boolean can return TRUE, FALSE or HW_API_Error object.

hw_api_attribute->key -- Returns key of the attribute
hw_api_attribute->langdepvalue -- Returns value for a given language
hw_api_attribute->value -- Returns value of the attribute
hw_api_attribute->values -- Returns all values of the attribute
hw_api_attribute -- Creates instance of class hw_api_attribute
hw_api->checkin -- Checks in an object
hw_api->checkout -- Checks out an object
hw_api->children -- Returns children of an object
hw_api_content->mimetype -- Returns mimetype
hw_api_content->read -- Read content
hw_api->content -- Returns content of an object
hw_api->copy -- Copies physically
hw_api->dbstat -- Returns statistics about database server
hw_api->dcstat -- Returns statistics about document cache server
hw_api->dstanchors -- Returns a list of all destination anchors
hw_api->dstofsrcanchor -- Returns destination of a source anchor
hw_api_error->count -- Returns number of reasons
hw_api_error->reason -- Returns reason of error
hw_api->find -- Search for objects
hw_api->ftstat -- Returns statistics about fulltext server
hwapi_hgcsp -- Returns object of class hw_api
hw_api->hwstat -- Returns statistics about Hyperwave server
hw_api->identify -- Log into Hyperwave Server
hw_api->info -- Returns information about server configuration
hw_api->insert -- Inserts a new object
hw_api->insertanchor -- Inserts a new object of type anchor
hw_api->insertcollection -- Inserts a new object of type collection
hw_api->insertdocument -- Inserts a new object of type document
hw_api->link -- Creates a link to an object
hw_api->lock -- Locks an object
hw_api->move -- Moves object between collections
hw_api_content -- Create new instance of class hw_api_content
hw_api_object->assign -- Clones object
hw_api_object->attreditable -- Checks whether an attribute is editable
hw_api_object->count -- Returns number of attributes
hw_api_object->insert -- Inserts new attribute
hw_api_object -- Creates a new instance of class hw_api_object
hw_api_object->remove -- Removes attribute
hw_api_object->title -- Returns the title attribute
hw_api_object->value -- Returns value of attribute
hw_api->object -- Retrieve attribute information
hw_api->objectbyanchor -- Returns the object an anchor belongs to
hw_api->parents -- Returns parents of an object
hw_api_reason->description -- Returns description of reason
hw_api_reason->type -- Returns type of reason
hw_api->remove -- Delete an object
hw_api->replace -- Replaces an object
hw_api->setcommittedversion -- Commits version other than last version
hw_api->srcanchors -- Returns a list of all source anchors
hw_api->srcsofdst -- Returns source of a destination object
hw_api->unlock -- Unlocks a locked object
hw_api->user -- Returns the own user object
hw_api->userlist -- Returns a list of all logged in users

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