8. Document History

v0.8 9th November 2000 Changed from Rich Payne <rdp@alphalinux.org>

v0.7.1 6th November 2000 Changes from Peter Petrakis <ppetrakis@alphalinux.org>

v0.7 10th July 2000 Changes from Rich Payne <rdp@alphalinux.org>

v0.6.1 21 March 2000 Changes from Rich Payne <rdp@alphalinux.org>

v0.6 3 March 2000 Changes and information from David Huggins-Daines <dhd@linuxcare.com>

v0.5.2 5 December 1999 Added comments and information from Stig Telfer (stig @ alpha-processor.com).

v0.5.1 (Not Released) 13 November 1999 Took the original 0.5 document and updated several parts:

v0.5 17 August 1996 - Original Document by David Mosberger-Tang

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