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6. How to install WINDOWS NT/2000 and LINUX (RedHat 7.1) on a laptop

6.1 If you want to have *both* NT and 2000, besides Linux

Notice: Recently my bosses decided to get a couple of HP Omnibook 6000 portables, so I quickly rushed to play with new toys. It was a series with Pentium 3 at 1 GHz and 128 MB of RAM. There's also a hard disk of 30 GB, removable DVD and FDD drives, a secondary battery that goes to the removable drive bay (when it's empty) and NIC/modem combo card.

6.2 If you want to have only Windows 2000 and Linux

Notice: Well, all I have said in the previous section, resulted in a "multiboot" (or, better to say, "3-boot") system. When I want to run Linux - I have to choose its option from within LILO menu. When I am about to run any kind of Windoze - I have to choose Windows (or DOS, or whatever else) from within LILO menu. Soon after, on the screen appears Windows 2000 boot loader. Finally, from this point, either NT or 2000 may be booted. Well, for a next task, I wanted to install Symantec's Norton System Works onto both Microsoft environments. I did it successfully, but it seems that I have later entered a command that resulted in changing something very important in the setup. In sum, I have become not able to run both flavors of Windows properly. Looks that it was the right time to re-install all the stuff again :-)

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