6. PDA

6.1. Tuxmobil PDA Information Site

The indefatigable Werner Heuser has an extremely informative and updated information site for Linux Based PDA's. It is at Tuxmobil.org

6.2. Palm Pilots

An increasing role in data collection for instance in hospitals, will be played by hand-held computers (HPCs) or Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs). More commonly known as PALMs. Linux offers way to exchange these data to servers, for instance via the IrDA port. See Infrared-HOWTO for details. A survey of non-Linux applications for the Palm device you may find at PalmPilot Medical - Palmtops PDAs HPCs Palm - Net Links.

6.3. Linux Devices

For more info, on say Sharp Zaurus SL-5000D, look Here.

This section will grow as I am getting touch with a doctor who is actively developing OB-GYNE applications to use on it

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