20. Autodir options

In this section some of the options to Autodir are explained. Backup options are explained in backup section.


For specifying virtual base directory. If this path does not exist, it will be created. Absolute path is expected for this option.


Expiration timeout for virtual directories. For more details refer to virtual directory expiration.


Module to be used with Autodir. Currently autohome and autogroup are available. Full path to the module expected.


All options that are to be passed to module are given here. This option passing syntax is similar to mount command with its -o option. See specific module sections for more info.


Stay foreground and log all messages to the console. For debugging purpose and to see how Autodir works.


This option expects path name to filename to which Autodir will write its process id.


Help about all options supported.


Version information about Autodir.

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