Appendix A. Hosting Applications

Table of Contents
A.1. Analysis
A.2. Design
A.2.1. Support for audio hardware
A.2.2. Creating space for the program
A.2.3. Accessing audio files
A.2.4. Other required files
A.2.5. Summary of tasks
A.3. Construction
A.3.1. Create an enhanced boot disk
A.3.2. Create an enhanced root disk
A.3.3. Create a compressed /usr disk for mp3blaster
A.3.4. Create a data diskette for testing
A.4. Implementation
A.4.1. System Startup
A.4.2. Verify that the /usr diskette loaded properly
A.4.3. Check the audio device initialization
A.4.4. Test audio output
A.4.5. Play a sample file
A.4.6. System shutdown

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