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B. Contributed Programs

Many users of MySQL have contributed very useful support tools and add-ons.

A list of some software available from the MySQL website (or any mirror) is shown here.

You can also visit our online listing of MySQL-related software at http://www.mysql.com/portal/software/. The community facilities there also allow for your input!

If you want to build MySQL support for the Perl DBI/DBD interface, you should fetch the Data-Dumper, DBI, and DBD-mysql files and install them. See section Perl Installation Comments.

Note: The programs listed here can be freely downloaded and used. They are copyrighted by their respective owners. Please see individual product documentation for more details on licensing and terms. MySQL AB assumes no liability for the correctness of the information in this chapter or for the proper operation of the programs listed herein.

B.1 APIs

B.2 Converters

B.3 Utilities

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